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We will become the leader in the chemical field based
on our best technologies

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
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KOLON Life Science manufactures cGMP-compliant high quality APIs and advanced intermediates while also providing CDMO&CMO for global pharma companies. We are the #1 Korean API supplier in Japan, expanding to US and EU as well.

Generic APIs development
  • - Support the development and optimization of synthesis processes for active pharmaceutical ingredients and production process technologies
  • - Continuously research and develop items including anti-cancer drugs and HPAPI (High Potency API) to promote diversity and differentiation
  • - Physical property test : Crystal/Amorphous, Hydrate/Anhydrate, Particle size (PSD)
Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • - Provide pharmaceutical intermediates for production of high quality pharmaceutical ingredients
  • - Research and develope ingredients and intermediates for RNA therapeutics (Nucleosides, Phosphoramidites)
  • - Eco-friendly process development (Continuous flow reaction, solvent recycling)
  • - Develop various Kilo-Lab. scale and commercial-scale processes based on top-level technologies and the best facilities
  • - Provide various clinical API-related services at initial new medicine development stage to promote joint growth together as a partner for a customer's new medicine development program
  • - Provide new medicine process solutions in various fields including the development of synthesis processes and analysis methods, process verification (PV), analysis method verification (AMV), non-clinical, clinical sample production
  1. 2023
    IP DS suuply to be supplied (Malaria, MMV)
  2. 2022
    New drug intermediate supply (GERD)
  3. 2021
    IP DS supply (DT2)
  4. 2020
    IP DS supply (Obesity)
  5. 2019
    Gefitinib (anti-cancer drug)
  6. 2018
    Mirtazapine (antidepressant)
  7. 2017
    Rosuvastatin calcium (hyperlipidemia medicine), Famciclovir (antiviral drug), Irbesartan (antihypertensive drug)
  8. 2016
    Olanzapine (antipsychotic), DPZ (IP intermediate) supply (JP D社)
  9. 2014
    Valsartan, Candesartan cilexetil (antihypertensive drug)
  10. 2013
    Fexofenadine hydrochloride (anti-allergic), Pitavastatin calcium (hyperlipidemia medicine)
  11. 2012
    Losartan potassium (antihypertensive drug), Sumatriptan succinate (anti-migraine drug), Olopatadine hydrochloride (anti-allergic drug), KDMCA (IP intermediate) supply (US W社)
  12. 2011
    Donepezil hydrochloride (drug for the treatment of Alzheimer)
  13. 2010
    Levofloxacin hydrate (quinolone antibiotic)
  14. 2006
    Argatroban hydrate (antithrombotic)
  15. 2005
    Voglibose (antidiabetic)
  16. 2004
    Zaltoprofen (Anti-inflammatory analgesic drug), 5-Flurocytosine, the ingredient of Emtricitabine, developed (HIV/AIDS virus propagation inhibitor)
  17. 2001
    TATT (Intermediate of Ceftazidime), Sofalcone (peptic ulcer treatment drug), Cleanbio (antimicrobial for personal care)
  18. 2000
    Flurbiprofen (anti-inflammatory analgesic drug)
  19. 1998
    KSMIA (Intermediate of Cefuroxime (antibiotic)), 2-Deoxyribose (Intermediate of AZT)
  20. 1997
    Loxoprofen sodium (anti-inflammatory analgesic drug) developed for the first time in Korea
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