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One & Only talents who create innovations in our lives with us

Our Culture
  • One&Only Way 고객으로부터 가장 사랑받는 코오롱을 표현하는 아이콘 이미지입니다.
    First Choice of Customers
    We begin from the customers
    We provide values that exceed expectations
    We contribute to the success of our customers
  • One&Only Way 독특하고 차별화된 우리를 표현하는 아이콘 이미지입니다.
    We stay one step ahead of the market
    We strive to cooperate fully with others
    We initiate new challenges
  • One&Only Way 최고의 경쟁력을 갖춘 나를 표현하는 아이콘 이미지입니다.
    Individual Excellence
    We reach higher standards
    We prepare thoroughly.
    We continue until we achieve
KLS Mindset
Open It
Issue Identification
Solution Finding
성공퍼즐세션 비주얼이미지 입니다.
We share and discuss the reasons why KOLON people have been so successful and are destined to be successful in the future through the 'success puzzle session' every Wednesday.
This is a place of communication where any member of KOLON ranging from the CEO to new recruits can participate and make a presentation.
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