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About Us

We always consider new possibilities and
prepare for the future

Message from the CEO
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First and foremost,

we would like to extend our sincere
gratitude to those who have expressed
their unchanging care and support to
KOLON Life Science.

Kolon Life Science CEO

R&D and ideas to provide Better Life cannot be limited, and even in these areas, the range is wide and diverse, from new drugs to life chemistry. The first step in the process of realizing our goal will be a sense of purpose to be achieved and the research ability to accompany it.

Global drug development requires resources such as funds and several specialized functions, as well as overcoming the risk of numerous failures. I firmly believe that I can succeed under these conditions. With the mind of becoming Winner with Excellent and Innovative Research, we will always approach drug development from an innovative perspective to provide differentiated treatments.

As a Bio/Chemical Development Company, we are continuously promoting the development of new products with R&D and GMP facilities that prepare for the future one step ahead. With the vision of Global leading cell & gene therapy company, we will proceed with innovative new drug development. In addition, we will actively explore the chemical field based on excellent products and build a leadership position by utilizing our development capabilities. This will create shareholder value and we believe that our goal of improving our customers' lives in every way will be realized. All research results will lay the foundation for everyone to create together, including the efforts of employees and the support of shareholders. And I want to share the results with all of us.

We will do our best to become Kolon Life Sciences for a healthy and happy future close to us.

Thank you.

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