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About Us

We always consider new possibilities and
prepare for the future

Message from the CEO
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First and foremost,

we would like to extend our sincere
gratitude to those who have expressed
their unchanging care and support to
KOLON Life Science.

Kolon Life Science CEO
Woo-Sok LEE

We believe that a company is an organism that continuously innovates itself and evolves to increase customer value and become a source of pride to all the executives and employees. Based on the growth and profitability of existing precision chemical businesses areas including active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and specialty chemicals, Kolon Life Science aims to be an expert in the biopharmaceutical industry and become a global leading cell & Gene Therapy company in the future.

Leading off with the completion of the ongoing phase 1/2a clinical trial on KLS-2031, our neuropathic pain pipeline, we will further our additional R&D efforts. Also, we will spare all efforts to change our R&D momentum to expand into all the follow-up pipelines.

We will do our best to understand the diversified needs of customers in response to the changes and uncertainties in the industry, and to provide one-step-ahead solutions to the market. As we strive to be a partner in value creation, rather than a simple supplier, we will expand and deepen our relationship with our customers.

We also promise to do our utmost to take the lead as a globally leading company based on a keen understanding of the rapidly changing environment of our times and the best lessons learned from the past.

We are improving our internal capabilities based on a stronger sense of unity so as not to lose the opportunity for growth in the great changes in the market. We will always stay ahead of the game as a winner and a forerunner in the fierce challenges we face in the future.

We thank you for your ongoing interest and support as we spur our efforts to prepare ourselves, challenge our limits, and move forward toward our goals in order to stand out in the new landscape of the global market that will be formed in the future.

Thank you.

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