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About Us

We always consider new possibilities and
prepare for the future

Kolon Life Sciences’ pledge to enrich human life
and develop human civilization

The group symbol is Kolon's manifestation of its management concept, which is that it contributes to the affluence of human life and the development of human civilization by creating a rewarding workplace that is dedicated to the industrialist's mission and developing their own talents with efficiency and creativity.

그룹 심볼 이미지입니다.

It represents a combination of Kolon's spirit of prints, fables, and deepening, and Kolon's rationality, activism, and co-operation.
The images from the formative form of the combined triangle are consistent with Kolon's corporate spirit as mountains, growing trees,
giant pyramids and safety and grandeur.

  • #0078C3
    • PANTONE 300C
    • CMYK 100 45 0 0
    • R0 G120 B195
  • #EB1E2D
    • PANTONE 485C
    • CMYK 0 100 100 0
    • R235 G30 B45
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