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One & Only talents who create innovations in our lives with us


KOLON Life Science

is doing its best to improve and enhance the and
condition of all of our employees.

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    • Operation of in-house cafeteria
    • Accident insurance for executives and staff members
    • Congratulations and condolences:
      Expenditure for events for celebration and condolence /
      vacation for occasions of celebration and condolence /
      Articles for congratulations and condolences (wreath/condolence flowers/funeral articles) /
      funeral service
    • Operation of shuttle bus (Magok)
    • Operation of dormitory (Chungju plant)
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    • Support of educational expenses for children
    • Support of mobile phone bill
    • Support of purchase at KOLON FnC (E-Kolon card)
    • Provision of welfare points for national holidays and the foundation day
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    • Operation of corporate resort
    • Annual health examination
    • Operation of in-house fitness center
    • Vacation: 6 days of paid vacation in addition to legal annual paid holidays /
      Refresh vacation system (Use of 5 vacation days in a row)
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    • Support of all costs for in-house daycare center (Magok)
    • Congratulatory gift for employees expecting a child
    • Reduced working hours for staff members expecting a child
    • Support system for staff members experiencing a difficulty pregnancy (support of medical expenses, leave of absence and vacation for members experiencing a difficulty pregnancy)
    • Leave of absence for a child’s entrance into elementary school
    • Operation of Flexible Workplace
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