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We will become the global leading cell & gene therapy company

Research & Development
What is gene therapy?
The method for a therapeutic gene administration into a patient's cell to cure or prevent a disease
Gene therapy is the next generation technology that cures an existing chronic disease perpetually at the molecule level. This medicine contains vectors for which therapeutic genes are introduced. Gene therapy includes therapeutic genes and virus carrier (vector) which is a tool for delivering genes into the body.
The gene transfer technologies for introducing the vector containing the therapeutic gene comprise the in vivo method to administer a therapeutic gene into the target cell or tissue directly, and the ex vivo method which is inserting therapeutic gene into the cell, and introducing the cell into the target tissue of the patients. The cell which is manipulated outside the body and injected into the human, it also has the characteristics of a cell therapy.
  • Neurology
    Neurological disorder

    A neuropathic pain is a pain disorder caused by abnormal nerve function due to abnormal somatosensory processes of the central nervous system or peripheral nervous system, and it is manifested as either acute or chronic pain.
    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or narcotic analgesic have less analgetic effect, and there is no definite and appropriate cure for this pain.

  • Oncology

    Cancer or a malignant tumor is a disease in which cancerous cells in a person's body divide continuously, invade and destroy surrounding healthy tissue, and spread to other areas. it includes lung cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.

Our key technologies

Carrier Platform

Gene therapy medicine consists of therapeutic genes and vector. We are developing the platform in order to advance the virus vector that transfers a therapeutic gene, as follows.

  1. 1
    Adeno-associated virus
    Modification of capsid proteins that composing the virus to establish the library with a high efficiency to transfer a gene to target organs
  2. 2
    Vaccinia virus
    Genome modification of selected wild-type vaccinia virus, which performs the best cancer cell elimination, to obtain superior efficacy and safety on cancer models
  3. 3
    Develop novel vector that can avoid neutralizing antibody reaction and induce strong immune response to the target antigen with lowered anti-vector immunity by genetic engineering of adenovirus vector
Scale-Up Manufacturing

KOLON Life Science carries out continuous R&D activities in relation to facilities, equipment, raw ingredients and processes (Automation/ Bioreactor) to enhance mass production efficiency and productivity of cell therapy products.

  1. 1
    Mass production technology for cell therapy products
    Automation technologies including culture, extraction, centrifugation, filling and packaging for establishing the mass production system and that supersede the manpower-based production system are being developed currently.
  2. 2
    3D cell culture technology using the Bioreactor
    Establishment of mass production system for cell therapy products Innovation of production process using the 3D cell culture technology
  3. 3
    Research on the virus mass production process technology
    Development of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) using Baculovirus
Open Innovation
KOLON Life Science is always open to innovation for creating innovative results.
Therapeutic gene(Transgene)
Gene therapy
Cell-mediated Gene therapy
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We will become the global leading
cell & gene therapy company.
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