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Water Solution business makes efforts to provide the best product that meets the demands of various customers by operating the research institute with outstanding technologies.

KOLON Life Science has been producing BESFLOC which is the high functional polymer coagulant for business operation since 1990 to promote the efficient purification of industrial waste water and urban sewage among various fields so as to deal with environmental pollution that has resulted from accelerated industrialization.

addition to polymer coagulant BESFLOC, we also provide total solutions related to various water treatment chemicals including 'decolorant' for dyeing wastewater and an ‘antibacterial agent (microbial agent)’ for activating microorganisms in the sewage disposal plants.

Polymer flocculant for water treatment
  • - Soluble poacrylamide, which purifies waste water using methods such as sedimentation, filtration and concentration by coagulating pollutant elements suspended in the water for treating industrial waste water and sewage
Products for Paper manufacturing process
  • - Poly-acrylamide polymer substance that gives proper floc and effective dewaterbility so that fiber and various additives (filler, sizing, dye etc.) that are the main ingredients in the papermaking process can exist in the sheet
Products for other purposes
  • - Customized poly-acrylamide polymer substances researched and developed for purifying waste water and sewage generated from stony mountains, mines, dredged channels and EOR fields
  1. 2012
    Dispersion polymer coagulant developed : 1Bx (1 time) output 10m3 production technology secured
  2. 2011
    Emulsion polymer coagulant developed : Construction of Gimcheon emulsion polymer coagulant production plant 1, technology transfer and commercialization completed
  3. 1990
    Polymer coagulant powder developed : Construction of Gimcheon polymer coagulant powder production plant 1, technology transfer and commercialization completed
Category Purpose Product
Polymer flocculant water treatment BESFLOC Powder Series
BESFLOC Emulsion Series
BESFLOC Dispersion Series
Paper manufacturing process BESFLOC Powder RA Series
BESFLOC Emulsion RA Series
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