Characteristics of KLS-2020
  • A new concept of analgesic therapy for neuropathic pain, which utilizes AAV mediated delivery of two important genes that control immune responses and neuronal pain signals
  • Until now, pain was thought to be one of the symptoms brought by disease, but now any pain that can’t be controlled is considered to be a disease itself.
    Ex) CRPS(complex regional pain syndrome), terminal cancer pain
  • AAV(Adeno-associated Virus), Which delivers the genes of KLS-2020 to the body, has the following advantages
    • Stable in various physical & chemical environments
    • Long-term expression of therapeutic genes
    • Global clinical trial instances, due to its ability to deliver stable gene

AAV (Adeno-associated Virus) 이미지

KLS-2020: Mode of Action 이미지

Research and development achievement
  • Among the animals suffering from neuropathic pain, a group of animals injected With KLS-2020 show a significant pain relief
  • Combining two crucial genes of KLS-2020, a larger pain relief Could be achieved
  • In animal models, a single injection of KLS-2020 provides sustainable expression of Delivered genes up to 6 months

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Product competency
  • Unlike any other pain medicines on the market, KLS-2020 relieves pain long-term with minimal dose of Single injection resulting in less side-effects caused by Pain medicines such as vertigo, drowsiness, gastrointestinal distress, and etc.
  • Unlike morphine, an opiate type pain medicine, KLS-2020 does not develop tolerance.
  • It is anticipated to enhance the quality of life for the patients in constant pain